MFA Creative Writing @ San Jose State University

MFA Creative Writing program at San Jose State University, located in the Silicon Valley. Poetry. Fiction. Non Fiction. Find all your information here.

MFA Admissions is OPEN!

Apply for San Jose State University’s MFA in Creative Writing! There are so many great reasons to join our community of diverse writers! But we’ll only share 10. 10. Small … Continue reading

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MFA Suggested Links

For all you writers and future MFA’ers! Check out some sites on Poetry that we have listed below. Check it out, and let us know what you think! Academy of … Continue reading

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Planning, Outlining, and Organizing Your Novel – Or Not!

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Kennedy’s Assassination: How LIFE Brought the Zapruder Film to Light

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Admissions is opening! November 1

GRADUATE SCHOOL APPLICANTS! The MFA CREATIVE WRITING PROGRAM @ SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY will begin Admissions November1! What To Do Next? 3 Easy Step: 1. Check out the MFA SJSU … Continue reading

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Additional Steps Necessary for Graduation (Thesis Guidelines #9 / Final)

You should be aware that you need to file official forms with SJSU’s Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation office (best acronym on campus: GAPE) in order to progress towards graduation. … Continue reading

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Copyright and Publication Concerns (Thesis Guidelines #8)

SJSU uses ProQuest to manage its digital repository of masters theses. Once you submit your manuscript through the ProQuest site (and you are required to do so in order to … Continue reading

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